We welcome art, photography, creative writing, scientific reporting, opinion pieces, and mixed media projects of all kinds. This list is not exhaustive. Please send all submissions to

Regarding acceptable topics / who can submit:

We are only accepting original pieces not published elsewhere. We welcome any submissions relevant to healthcare, medicine, and biomedical science; related to the Penn experience; and/or representative of current events affecting Philadelphia. If you have any questions about your topic, please reach out to us at

We prioritize submissions from the Penn Medicine student community. Submissions from outside of the PSOM community (including other health professional students, Philadelphia community members, and beyond) will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Regarding content guidelines:

Article (Essay, Science Writing, Prose, Narrative): We suggest a 1200 word limit (excluding references), but will accept longer pieces on a case-by-case basis. 

  1. Please format your piece with 12 pt font, Times New Roman.
  2. Include at the top of the piece: name, one-sentence bio, class year and school affiliation, word count, title, and 1-2 sentence blurb (summary/memorable quotes) from the piece.
  3. Please cite any sources at the bottom of the article, if applicable.
  4. Please include images if you would like, but make sure you have the permission of the image owner or that the image is permitted for “reuse with modification.”
  5. If you have any special requests or comments, please include those in your email.


  1. Please include with your submission: name, one-sentence bio, class year and school affiliation, title (or lack of), and one-paragraph blurb/explanation.
  2. If you have special requests or comments on your piece, please include those in your email.
  3. For art/photography submissions, please submit as a .jpeg file and ensure that your piece is 300 dpi at minimum.

Pitches (No more than 250 words) 

  1. Please include one of the following: an outline of the piece you are pitching, or a partial draft of the piece. We would also appreciate a writing or art sample of your previous work, but this is not mandatory.
  2. Please include with your submission: name, class year and school affiliation.