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Art & Photography

The Mind-Earth Continuum

Jeremy Wortzel is an MS3 at the Perelman School of Medicine.


Noa Cutler is a junior at Lower Merion High School.


Nathan Yu is a sophomore at Lower Merion High School.

Flower of Fire

Liam Gurevitch is a freshman at Lower Merion High School.


Claire Lu is a senior at Lower Merion High School.

Never forget the ever-present epidemic

Zonia Moore is an MS1 at the Perelman School of Medicine. Zonia can be reached by email at zonia.moore@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.


Jarvis Mays is a first-year student at PSOM. Jarvis can be reached at jarvis.mays@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.

“Miren me”

This beautiful little girl had all the confidence in the world as she jumped in front of the camera. Armed with a bright smile, she wins over the hearts of all who pass Color Alley.

Resilience: Visualizing Global Women’s Health

Across countries, continents, and experiences, the unifying thread I saw come up everywhere is that women are strong.

Drawings from Anatomy Lab

I studied studio art in college and have always found drawing to be a source of comfort. During my first year of medical school, I often turned to sketching as a means to incorporate wellness into my daily activities and de-stress. In particular, I turned to drawing during our...

Girl With Bull

I made this in high school, when I was discovering that linoleum printing is one of my favorite forms of art. I like this piece because the girl doesn't look like she's struggling too much -- she's shouldering a gigantic animal and doesn't seem too distressed. I had several...


Universally Cancelled: Those Who Can’t Decide

This piece was originally submitted on April 23rd, 2021 How are you feeling after 478 days of being fire-hosed with...

Prescribing The Present

Medicine has always been about the process. In undergrad, we told ourselves that grinding on the MCAT was what...

apenndx Congratulates Panelists of GHHS High School Speaker Series

During The Gold Humanism Honor Society’s Solidarity Week in March, five outstanding high school students shared their perspectives about...

Dear MS1s: Adjust Your Expectations

Dear MS1s,  Each individual has a unique M1 experience—some good, some bad, often a mix. For me, M1 was hard....

Must read

Mints on My Closet Shelf

Where is the resilience to advocate for humanity in the face of pathology in medical culture? This piece explores the ease of seeing patients as people rather than their disease at the beginning of clerkship year in comparison with the end of the year, when the heftiness of medical knowledge and its culture obscures the person who has the disease.

Dear MS1s: Can We Talk About That Proverbial Firehose?

“Is med school as hard as they say?” I asked...


Hi I’m Lacey, medical student,student doctor?Just Lacey. Can I ask...